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crackish_zim_rp's Journal

The Invader Zim RP of CRACK
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This... is a crack Zim RP. No seriousness allowed. This isn't an RP for people who want to RP angst-filled character development. This is meant to be in the spirit of the show, which, if you recall, was the ANTIANGST.

1. Seriousness is not tolerated, unless it is intended to be mocked without mercy.
2. OCs are not welcome until all of the important canon characters are filled up. Even then, you're better off picking a less important canon character. Mary-Sue-ish characters will be mocked without mercy.
3. This RP is slash friendly, het friendly... basically anything-friendly. Your mod is not easily squicked, but remember, this IS as in-character as possible, so keep them believable... or not. This IS Invader Zim based, and it's a fairly insane series...
4. Naughty stuff is fine as LONG AS IT'S LABLED AND UNDER A CUT.
5. Show a good grasp of the English language.
6. Other Johnen characters will be welcomed, but only after the important Zim roles are filled.

How to apply:
1. Fill out the application below.
LJ Name:
Favorite Invader Zim character:

What is your take on this character's personality?
Write a sample post:
(This can be in first person or prose)
2. Post it in the community.

Taken Characters

Gaz Membrane: gazthegameslave/hagane_no {AIM: Gamer Gaz M )

Dib Membrane: dibseekstruth/mistressboleyn (AIM: dib seeks truth)

Zim: completelyhuman/random_prophet (AIM: SDR0124 )

Gir: ilikethetacos/nosuchthing__ (AIM: advancedcupcake )

Pig: orson_the_pig/skellywag (AIM: SKELLYwag6913 )

The Moose: the_moosinator/sourgirlx (AIM: moosinatorx )

Tak: irken_tak/dunsparce (AIM: StarFirefly26 )