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I want to join.

Name/Alias: Star. Rai. Ren. Pick one.
Age: 17 (almost 18)
LJ Name: raichu26 (will make Zimmy one when I get part)
AIM: StarFirefly26
Favorite Invader Zim character: Tak!

Character: Tak!
Age: Old. Very old.
What is your take on this character's personality? Hates Zim with a passion, very smart and cunning, though. If it wasn't for Zim, she'd already HAVE the Earth in her grasp. Usually very angry or frustrated, but that's only around Zim. When she's in disguise she's very strange and much like the other children(a bit spaztic and all). Her "father" was the head of the Dee-lishus Weenie co, but since she was hurled into space, she'll have to do that over again when she gets back.
Write a sample post: (This can be in first person or prose)
MiMi was fixed...curse that Zim for ruining her! I spent ages customizing her abilities. But now...she's better than ever. I just...need a new Memory Disc...
Yes, the Ship was fixed as well. I had to get past security on Dirt in order to get more parts. I only hope The Tallest won't be angered that I've avoided my duties to the Empire.
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